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Podcast: Reaching Out and Looking In: Reflective Practice, Youth Voice and People Seeking Asylum

Young Musicians for Social Justice is a new society based at the University of Leeds, UK, which aims to advocate for the use of music to provide sustainable social justice solutions.

Series 1 features notable scientists, practitioners and musicians who have generously given their time to share their thoughts on the question: “What is the role of music in bringing about social justice?”

Last Friday we released the fourth episode of our 12-week series, featuring Jennifer Raven Co-Founder of Fairbeats and Deputy Director of Sound Connections. We discuss the original aims of these organisations and how they have developed over the years. We also explore the importance of sustainability and reflective practice, as well as how student musicians might begin to look at portfolio careers. As a social justice organisation based in Leeds we thought this might be of interest to you and your community, as the charity Fairbeats works with young refugees, asylum seekers, newly arrived migrants and their families in London.

You can find us on social media @YMSJuk, and you can access the podcast on all of the major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Here is the link:

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