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Resource of the week #60: Unlocking Detention’s “Home Office Phrasebook”

Unlocking Detention have produced a great opinion/think piece called “Your pocket Home Office phrasebook: A dialect of dehumanisation.” It’s a polemical piece that some people might disagree with – but it’s a useful and timely reflection on the language we use about the people we work alongside. Click on the link, or the picture below  […]

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Resource of the week #59: Migration Observatory

Every quarter we publish the most up to date Asylum Stats on the Blog. (We’ve usually stolen the content from Refugee Council via Asylum Matters). What these numbers sometimes lack is a sense of context, and where they fit into the bigger narratives of migration, historical context, and issues experienced by people from particular countries. […]

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Resource of the week #58: Asylum applications & Christian belief – a resource for Church Ministers

Are you a vicar? Probably not. But you might know one, or you might know someone who is claiming asylum on grounds of religious persecution. This week’s resource is published by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and is aimed at vicars, ministers, priests and other christian clergy, to help them provide evidence and letters of support […]

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