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Resource of the week #27: Leeds Migration Map

This is a fantastic resource, which mashes up all kinds of different data about immigration and Leeds:- National Insurance data, Housing Data, Census Data etc etc. It brings together historic data and stuff that’s barely a year old – to create the best picture of migration available.   It has huge potential for helping compile evidence […]

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Resource of the week #26: Migrant Health Guide: Advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients for healthcare practitioners

Back in Feb 18, we drew your attention to “Resource of the week #9: Language interpretation: migrant health guide” What we failed to do was to notice that the entire Migrant Health Guide – published by Public Health England in 2011 had just been completely updated. It’s a behemoth of a resource that you can really […]

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#Refugeeswelcome in parks

This project believes that parks are a fantastic part of British culture and heritage, and can play an important role in supporting the wellbeing and integration of refugee and asylum seekers. Leeds has lots of green spaces and parks. #refugeeswelcome in parks In this research we learnt about the ways in which newcomers to our towns […]

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Resource of the week #24: Updated Briefing on DBS checks

Does your organisation complete DBS checks on staff and volunteers? If you do, you should make sure you show this excellent resource from Newcastle CVS to someone senior in your organisation – because the rules on who can and can’t be DBS checked are complicated.  The Government’s own “Find out if you can check someone’s […]

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Resource of the week #22: Where to find out more about the political/social situation in [insert country]

This week you’re getting 5 resources for the price of one. Finding decent, reliable and accessible information on different countries around the world can be a real challenge. Obviously, all attempts to do this reflect the interests and priorities of the people putting the information together.  That said here are a few options you may […]

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Resource of the week #21:

Do you ever wonder which organisations get funding, and from where? Or the kind of projects currently funded by the major Grant makers in your area? 360Giving is a website which publishes details of grants, along with beneficiaries, amounts etc. It’s much easier than wading through the charity commission website to find details embedded in […]

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