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Increased charges for not-for-profits who provide OISC regulated immigration services – a consultation. Yay!? or nay!?

There is currently a consultation taking place on proposed changes to the Fee Structures for OISC Regulated immigration advice services.

Many organisations here in Leeds may be concerned by the increase in cost for non-fee charging sector (These are the OISC regulated providers that do not charge a fee for providing immigration advice).

The Freedom of Movement blog says  

“The impact on not-for-profits is likely to be considerable given that many register as many advisers as possible in order to increase capacity in the immigration advice sector. The logical response to this proposal would be to limit the number of registered advisers but increase their individual caseloads. That seems likely to significantly decrease capacity over time.”

Here is the link to the information (and at number 54 – how to respond) to the government consultation on the changes to the Fee Structure for the OISC.

Please show your solidarity with the hard-pressed not-for-profit OISC immigration advice services (ie PAFRAS, Manuel Bravo, Leeds Refugee Forum, St Vincent’s, and RETAS (amongst others), and tell the Government what you make of their plans. 

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