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Asylum Matters Yorkshire and Humber update: 16th September 2021

Thanks as usual to Asylum Matters for such an excellent briefing, which as usual, we produce in full Ongoing advocacy #Anti-Refugee Bill Campaigners and others continue to point out how the measures in the Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill – or anti-refugee bill –  will impact on all people seeking sanctuary in the UK, including […]

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Tell Black Health Agency what you think about the acronym BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

BHA for equality in health and social care, are carrying out a survey on the use of the acronym BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). This is in the context of debates lately as to whether there are alternative phrases that would fair better in referring to certain communities. Please access the link below for […]

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Asylum Matters update 22th July 2021 – Bill second reading, resources for asylum support rates review and more

another update from Asylum Matters Ongoing Advocacy Nationality and Borders Bill/ New Plan for Immigration This week the Nationality and Borders Bill passed second reading in the House of Commons with 366 MPs voting in favour and 265 voting against. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, introduced the Bill by noting that the Government was acting […]

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Asylum Matters: Contact Your MP on the Ant-Refugee Bill ahead of Second Reading in Parliament w/c 19th July 2021

A campaigning message from Mary at Asylum Matters. The only thing we’d add to this message is the advice from Hilary Benn on the last LMP chat – if you’re writing to your MP try and make it your own (as another former MP once put it: “I read the ones that constituents actually wrote, […]

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Asylum Matters – Y&H Update: fortnightly developments on COVID-19 and asylum 16th March 2021

Ongoing advocacy Urgent Action! – #CloseTheBarracks Day of Action Friday 19th March Alongside our friends at Refugee Action, Freedom from Torture, Detention Action, and Choose Love, we’re planning a day of action on asylum accommodation this Friday 19th March. Throughout the day, people and organisations across the UK will meet with their MPs to call for […]

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#CutTheCollaboration – Stop the Home Office building a new immigration enforcement centre

Calling for support!  Anti raids group across the UK have collaborated on a joint action calling for companies profiting from racist borders to #CutTheCollaboration. We’re asking you to help us on Wednesday 13th January with the power of the keyboard. Full event details here: What’s happening? For those who aren’t aware, the Home Office were granted permission […]

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EHRC assessment: Home Office failed to comply with equality law when implementing ‘hostile environment’ policies

We assessed how and whether the Home Office complied with its duties under the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) when developing, implementing and monitoring the hostile environment policies. We wanted to find out what the Home Office did to understand the impact that its policies and practices could, and did, have on Black members of the […]

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Activist lawyers respond to recent comments by Home Secretary, Priti Patel

Excellent and thorough response from Duncan Lewis lawyers to recent comments made by Ms Patel in her speech to Conservative party Conference and articles like this in the Mail Online:    

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Voluntary Action Leeds will no longer use the phrase BAME

VAL’s thoughts on the terms BAME, BME (and Poc, WoC, BIPOC etc) are both interesting – and worth sharing. If you use, work or volunteer in projects that work alongside or seek model solidarity with racialised groups (migrant or otherwise) this has to be worth a discussion with friends, colleagues, fellow volunteers – and definitely […]

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