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The Information Group


To create a website for sharing information on local Migration issues, where anyone can share information, and which is available to everyone who wants it either online or as a newsletter.

Voice and influence

The website and e-newsletter will make it easy for members – including local Migrant community groups – to advertise their activities.

We will use the site to gather information, to ask people’s opinions, and to gather evidence on matters of shared interest.

What does the Information Group do?

We provide content for and keep the website and newsletter running

The website is where all information relating to the Partnership is kept, as well information shared by members.

Members will also be able to sign up to a weekly/daily newsletter.

Who can join?

The Information Group is made up of people who share information via the website, or who sign up for regular updates.

Anyone can do this.

If you are interested in helping to make sure all the posts are on-topic and relevant, please contact [email protected] who will be happy to provide you with training on how to use the website and a login 

What level of commitment is required?

Members subscribe and choose the level of information they want, in the format they want it.

The Information Group Organiser arranges a small rota of people to moderate posts, to ensure content remains on topic.

If you’re interested in joining the rota, please contact [email protected]

Are there rules about what I can post?

Your posts should be 

  • Simple, and short, and about 150 words, max
  • Directly connected to issues around asylum, refugees and migration in Leeds
  • One off – we won’t repeat content

Generally, we won’t include

  • Political campaigns or events,
  • Fundraising appeals, or
  • Links to profit-making businesses or activities.   

Please note, your content may be edited by the editorial team, and their decision on what is/is not included on the blog is final. 

How do I upload content to the Blog?

We’re pleased to announce that getting info on to the Leeds Migration Partnership Blog is now easier than ever.

You may now upload your content from this webpage where it will be moderated and posted, subject to a few basic rules


We’re hopeful that this will speed up the process of getting your content online and to a wide audience

Here’s a short video of how to do it, in case it’s not obvious 

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