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LMP Priorities in 2018/19

Leeds Migration Partnership has chosen 3 main priorities to work on during 2018/19: Health, Housing and Safety.  

Given that our members have limited time and limited resources, we have tried to choose the areas we can have the greatest effect from the the wider Strategic Priorities of Leeds.

Each quarter, the Strategy Group meet to

  • review progress by members in each of these areas,
  • review the the decisions and plans which are scheduled in each of these areas over the next 3 months
  • consider the ways in which members can get involved in influencing these decisions and plans 
  • decide how to communicate these to the LMP membership.

The following week, the LMP Operations Group will meet and consider the ways in which they wish to respond to the information supplied by the Strategy Group, and any questions members want taking forwards.

The week after that, representatives of the LMP Strategy Group will take their plans, questions and offers of assistance to the Leeds Strategic Migration Board.  



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