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Asylum Matters Yorkshire & Humber update – 8th December 2021

via Mary at Asylum Matters Urgent action: Please can I also draw your attention to the West Yorkshire joint statement against the Anti-refugee Bill, for which we are now seeking signatories. Please consider signing this statement on behalf of your group/organisation and please share with your wider networks if you can as we need as […]

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Weekly news summary by Migration Yorkshire

Migration Yorkshire are great at finding and sharing information – like the Info Hub and the Quarterly Updates . Their most recent development is a weekly summary of policy and other things. As you’d expect, their scope is a lot wider than the excellent Asylum Matters briefings – and they bring a regional twist you […]

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Asylum Matters Yorkshire and Humber update: 16th September 2021

Thanks as usual to Asylum Matters for such an excellent briefing, which as usual, we produce in full Ongoing advocacy #Anti-Refugee Bill Campaigners and others continue to point out how the measures in the Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill – or anti-refugee bill –  will impact on all people seeking sanctuary in the UK, including […]

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Tell Black Health Agency what you think about the acronym BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

BHA for equality in health and social care, are carrying out a survey on the use of the acronym BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). This is in the context of debates lately as to whether there are alternative phrases that would fair better in referring to certain communities. Please access the link below for […]

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Resource of the week: Too much information? Let the Refugee Council help

There’s so much changing at the moment, it’s hard to keep track. Refugee Council continue to produce excellent briefings – like this one which summarises all the main policy changes. Other summaries are available, obv, but this is quite excellent, and we commend it to you. Refugee Council continue to produce excellent briefings – like […]

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Asylum Matters update 22th July 2021 – Bill second reading, resources for asylum support rates review and more

another update from Asylum Matters Ongoing Advocacy Nationality and Borders Bill/ New Plan for Immigration This week the Nationality and Borders Bill passed second reading in the House of Commons with 366 MPs voting in favour and 265 voting against. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, introduced the Bill by noting that the Government was acting […]

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Weekly Home Office Update w/c 1st July 2021

Updates: HO/SMP weekly Covid call 01/07/2021: Negative cessations – Home Office working towards step 4 (July 19) as a potential resumption date for negative cessations. Home Office building capacity plan around negative cessations and will communicate when a decision is made. Intake and occupancy – Intake has been high this last week and a number […]

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Info from Migration Yorkshire – w/c 7th June 2021

HO/SMP (Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership) weekly COVID call 03.06.2021 Intake and occupancy: There has a high level of intake over the recent days Capacity is ok in Initial Accommodation space for the short-term, but new arrivals are taking some of this capacity. Home Office will keep some hotels open rather than stand up new ones […]

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New ASPEN card update 7th June 2021

The HO has issued a lot of replacement cards to people on support.  Approx. 6,000. This is an effort to try and correct the missing cards/  cards sent to the wrong address.  There was an acknowledgement that this might cause further problems/ confusion but the HO has made the decision that they needed to take […]

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