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Info from Migration Yorkshire – w/c 7th June 2021

HO/SMP (Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership) weekly COVID call 03.06.2021 Intake and occupancy: There has a high level of intake over the recent days Capacity is ok in Initial Accommodation space for the short-term, but new arrivals are taking some of this capacity. Home Office will keep some hotels open rather than stand up new ones […]

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New ASPEN card update 7th June 2021

The HO has issued a lot of replacement cards to people on support.  Approx. 6,000. This is an effort to try and correct the missing cards/  cards sent to the wrong address.  There was an acknowledgement that this might cause further problems/ confusion but the HO has made the decision that they needed to take […]

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Asylum Matters, Update 11th May 2021

Ongoing Advocacy New Plan for Immigration: consultation closed, and what next? The consultation on The New Plan for Immigration closed on the 6th May. We’re really interested to hear from you if you responded to the consultation. Please get in touch with your regional campaigns manager, or directly to this email. There have been a […]

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Aspen Update and Mears Housing – 19th May 2021

Update from Nicki at Mears Mears have been communicating directly with service users regarding the switch [from Green to Orange Aspen Cards] and putting information in Initial Accommodation and Hotels. Mears have been asked to make available extra funds for Electronic Card Payments as we understand that not everyone will be able to or have […]

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Update on Negative Cessations

Please find attached the Home Office policy statement on cessations which was recently provided to the court in relation to an ongoing case regarding s.4 discontinuations. Although this document is in the public domain and can be shared widely, we must make clear that it only outlines the Home Office’s policy approach and that as […]

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Asylum Matters – Y&H Update: fortnightly developments on COVID-19 and asylum 16th March 2021

Ongoing advocacy Urgent Action! – #CloseTheBarracks Day of Action Friday 19th March Alongside our friends at Refugee Action, Freedom from Torture, Detention Action, and Choose Love, we’re planning a day of action on asylum accommodation this Friday 19th March. Throughout the day, people and organisations across the UK will meet with their MPs to call for […]

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Asylum Matters: Y&H update: fortnightly developments on Covid-19 and asylum 4th March 2021

Please see below recent updates relating to Covid-19 and its impact on asylum and migration, including a few regional updates at the end. Ongoing advocacy Asylum accommodation The Home Office’s decision to house people seeking asylum in army barracks has remained under intense scrutiny, as campaigners and politicians continue to fight to #CloseTheBarracks. Hundreds joined […]

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Migration Yorkshire – Policy Update January 2021

“An overview of the latest statistics, policy, and research on migration issues affecting partner organizations in Yorkshire and Humber.” It’s 15 pages of excellence but for those of you with limited time, they’ve very helpfully included a summary For the first time the Office for National Statistics (ONS) did not publish national net migration figures, […]

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Fortnightly update from Asylum Matters 3rd Feb 2021

Ongoing advocacy Asylum accommodation There have been even more horrific stories of the conditions in both Napier and Penally barracks where people seeking asylum are being housed. Despite repeated warnings about the unsuitability of the overcrowded sites – particularly during COVID-19 – there was an outbreak of the virus in Napier. Immigration Minister Chris Philps […]

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