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Resource of the week: Too much information? Let the Refugee Council help

There’s so much changing at the moment, it’s hard to keep track. Refugee Council continue to produce excellent briefings – like this one which summarises all the main policy changes. Other summaries are available, obv, but this is quite excellent, and we commend it to you. Refugee Council continue to produce excellent briefings – like […]

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Asylum Matters update 22th July 2021 – Bill second reading, resources for asylum support rates review and more

another update from Asylum Matters Ongoing Advocacy Nationality and Borders Bill/ New Plan for Immigration This week the Nationality and Borders Bill passed second reading in the House of Commons with 366 MPs voting in favour and 265 voting against. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, introduced the Bill by noting that the Government was acting […]

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Weekly Home Office Update w/c 1st July 2021

Updates: HO/SMP weekly Covid call 01/07/2021: Negative cessations – Home Office working towards step 4 (July 19) as a potential resumption date for negative cessations. Home Office building capacity plan around negative cessations and will communicate when a decision is made. Intake and occupancy – Intake has been high this last week and a number […]

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Info from Migration Yorkshire – w/c 7th June 2021

HO/SMP (Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership) weekly COVID call 03.06.2021 Intake and occupancy: There has a high level of intake over the recent days Capacity is ok in Initial Accommodation space for the short-term, but new arrivals are taking some of this capacity. Home Office will keep some hotels open rather than stand up new ones […]

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New ASPEN card update 7th June 2021

The HO has issued a lot of replacement cards to people on support.  Approx. 6,000. This is an effort to try and correct the missing cards/  cards sent to the wrong address.  There was an acknowledgement that this might cause further problems/ confusion but the HO has made the decision that they needed to take […]

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Asylum Matters, Update 11th May 2021

Ongoing Advocacy New Plan for Immigration: consultation closed, and what next? The consultation on The New Plan for Immigration closed on the 6th May. We’re really interested to hear from you if you responded to the consultation. Please get in touch with your regional campaigns manager, or directly to this email. There have been a […]

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Aspen Update and Mears Housing – 19th May 2021

Update from Nicki at Mears Mears have been communicating directly with service users regarding the switch [from Green to Orange Aspen Cards] and putting information in Initial Accommodation and Hotels. Mears have been asked to make available extra funds for Electronic Card Payments as we understand that not everyone will be able to or have […]

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