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LMP Priorities for 2019/21


Leeds Migration Partnership (LMP) is trying to maximise the good we can do with the limited resources of our members. 

This means our strategy reflects the priorities and concerns of our members who have time to act on them, and we are not covering everything.

We have tried to link our concerns and proposed activities to the main meetings in Leeds and the Region where these topics are discussed and decisions made.

These concerns are themed into 4 priority areas –

  1. Health,
  2. Housing,
  3. Safety and Inclusion, and
  4. Employment and Education.

How we decided what we’d prioritise

We started by speaking with our members about what they thought was important. We then grouped them by topic. We then refined these concerns by asking four key questions

  1. What else is already happening (around these concerns)
  2. How can LMP add value?
  3. Who are the key contacts in LMP who have volunteered to act on these concern?
  4. Where and how do they intend to influence things?

We want to make it easy for LMP to influence things, to know who to contact within LMP about these issues, and where to look for changes in the system.

This strategy enables us to identify and make best use of our time and resources

We will make sure we feed back to members at each of the meetings, and document things on the Blog.

What are the priorities?

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How can I get involved?

There’s a whole section on that here


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