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When & where do we meet?

Dates & Times

Strategy Group

Key contacts: Karen Pearse, PAFRAS  – [email protected]


  • Thursday 11th January 2024 (10am-12pm) at PAFRAS, UNITY Business Centre, 26 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS7 1AB

Operations Group

Key contacts: Ali Mahgoub, Leeds Refugee Forum [email protected]  and Jon Beech, LASSN [email protected]

Scheduled meetings: 

  • Monday 11th December 2023 (10am-12pm)

Venue Leeds Refugee Forum One Community Centre, Cromwell Street, Lincoln Green, Leeds LS9 7SG

There’s no fixed agenda, beyond the issues that members bring – although Migrant Help, Migration Yorkshire and Mears Housing are regularly in attendance, so it’s a good way to keep abreast of things.

Leeds Strategic Migration Board (LSMB)

LMP are invited to send a couple of reps to this – and our contributions are usually discussed at the LMP Strategy meetings 

  • Tuesday 6th February 2023 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday 7th May 2023 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday 10th September 2023 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday 10th December 2023 10am – 12pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams

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