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Initial Accommodation & Sub Regional Strategic Migration Meeting update from Mary at Asylum Matters – Sept 20

Urban House IA  As many of you know, the Initial Accommodation Centre in Wakefield, Urban House, has been closed since July following a Covid-19 outbreak, which came in the wake of strong, public criticism of the suitability and safety of the building and the lack of precautions taken to protect its inhabitants, including from the residents […]

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Employing Refugees: 2020 guidance by the Refugee Council and the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Refugee Council and the Equality and Human Rights Commission have created a guide to help employers better understand the situation for asylum seekers and refugees applying for jobs. The document is available here and on the Refugee Council website at: Please share widely! Thank you.

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“Channel boat people are refugees, Home Office officials confirm”

Article by Free Movement – Surprise surpise… Migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats are overwhelmingly genuine refugees, senior Home Office officials have confirmed. Evidence presented to the Home Affairs committee of MPs on 3 September makes clear that the majority of those making the perilous crossing are either being granted refugee status straight […]

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House of Commons Briefing Paper on Asylum statistics for UK and the EU – September 2020

September 2020 analysis of asylum statistics and trends in the UK and EU countries.  These statistics contain data on the number of people applying for asylum, the outcomes of asylum applications, and the number of people being resettled to the UK. This edition contains a new section on asylum applications and Channel crossings in the […]

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New Safeguarding Adults leaflets from Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board

New posters and leaflets on supporting adults are available from Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board. These have been created with the help of people across the city they are to help raise awareness about Safeguarding Adults in the Leeds. The posters and leaflets can be downloaded from the website: We now have the leaflet translated […]

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