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Our Terms of Reference

The aim of the LMP

To help make Leeds a welcoming and supportive place for Migrants – bringing together individuals, groups and organisations to meet, think and share information, and ensuring that the voices of Migrants are heard and influence the people in charge


What is the Leeds Migration Partnership (LMP) and where did it come from?

The Leeds Migration Partnership is a mechanism for developing and influencing policy, and promoting good practice in areas which affect migrant communities in Leeds, the region and the UK,

The Migration Partnership is the collective term for three city-wide cross-sector groups for organisations, groups and individuals working with migrant communities in Leeds

Although each group has a different focus, they all aim to strengthen the voice and influence of migrants in Leeds in different ways, and to enable other groups to better understand their concerns and priorities

The Leeds Migration Partnership brought together the 3 main ways the Migrant Third Sector in Leeds worked and shared information in September 2017. Each element (the Leeds Migration Partnership Meetings, The Leeds Multi Agency Meetings, and the Leeds Multi-Agency Blog) still continues, but we now use one umbrella terms to refer to them all: The Leeds Migration Partnership

What are the three groups that make up the LMP?

The Information Group aims to create a single way to find and share information relating to migration in Leeds. People who receive and share information become Information Group members by signing up to regular e-newsletter updates

The Operations Group meets quarterly. It is a place where people working with Migrants in Leeds can

  • meet and share knowledge and information about how services work
  • use their experiences and understanding to inform the Partnership’s Priorities, and
  • improve access to and understanding of the help available to Migrants in Leeds

The Strategy Group also meets quarterly, and is made up of people who attend the Operations Group who have agreed to take on additional work to

  • ensure the Partnership has clear priorities and goals, based on what’s important to migrant groups
  • gather information and evidence
  • oversee task and finish groups related to these priorities
  • represent the Partnership at strategic groups and forums to represent these priorities

How the LMP works

The Information Group – Anyone can post on the website. The Information Group Organiser will arrange a small rota of people to moderate posts on the website, to ensure content remains on topic

The Operations Group – The agenda will be set by members, with short presentations, policy updates, feedback from the Strategy Group and a chance to network with other groups and agencies. Members will use their experiences to shape the Partnership Priorities, and to inform the Strategy Group. The Operations Group Organiser will ensure meetings take place and notes are taken and circulated, with the assistance and support of Leeds City Council Communities team 

The Strategy Group – will organise task and finish groups relating to the Partnership Priorities. The Strategy Group will meet quarterly to agree actions relating to Partnership priorities, to report progress on task and finish groups, and to agree how these will be shared with the Operations Group and fed into the Strategic Migration Board. The Strategic Group Organiser will ensure meetings take place, notes are taken and circulated, and that there is good liaison between the Operations Group, Information Group and Strategic Group and their relations with external strategic partners

How are LMP Priorities set?

The Strategy Group will recommend 3 or 4 Partnership Priorities based on the concerns of the wider membership, and Local/National Priorities

Members agree these by consensus and review & refresh them each year

Work on these priorities will take place in a series of task and finish groups, facilitated by members of the Strategy Group, in collaboration with members of the Information and Operations Groups

How often does the LMP meet?

The Information Group sends out updates each Monday morning at 10am

The Strategy Group meets two weeks prior to the Operations Group, to help prepare information for the Operations Group, which will then be shared via the Information Group

The Operations Group meets two weeks prior to the Leeds Strategic Migration Board, to ensure members are aware of the Leeds Strategic Migration Board agenda, and are able to respond and provide evidence and comment

Who can join the LMP?

All three Partnership Groups are open to anyone who shares the aims of the Partnership

The Information Group is made up of people who share information via the website, or who sign up for regular updates

The Operations Group is made up of organisations/groups who regularly attend the last Operations Group meetings

The Strategy Group is made up of organisations/groups who attend the Operations Group, or who regularly contribute to the Information Group and who agree to take on additional work related to the Partnership’s Priorities

Guiding Principles of the LMP

The work of the Migration Partnership is shaped and informed by a set of four guiding principles:

Collaboration and Partnership – each group, and the partnership as a whole will operate within the spirit of the Compact for Leeds which is available online

Equity and Inclusivity – each group, and the Partnership as a whole will work to ensure all its members are included, and ensure every opportunity is taken to ensure people with lived experience of migration are given a voice and influence

Consensus – each group, and the partnership as a whole will operate on the basis of consensus. Where this is not possible a vote can be taken and the majority decision will stand. Where a vote is even the Chair will have the casting vote

Transparency – each group, and the partnership as a whole will ensure clear information is available about what they do, and how they do it

Who leads the LMP?

The Partnership is led by a team of Organisers, appointed by the members of each LMP Group

Organisers will be appointed by consensus, and will serve for a period of up to 3 years

Organisers will act with integrity and will carry out their role objectively and strategically, rather than representing any one organisation

How does LMP influence things?

The Leeds Migration Partnership will report to the Communities Board via the Leeds Strategic Migration Board

The Leeds Migration Partnership have three seats on the Leeds Strategic Migration Board, and the Leeds Migration Partnership Strategy Group will decide who attends on a meeting-by-meeting basis.   

The Leeds Migration Partnership will provide:

  • Update reports requested by the Communities Board
  • Written statement for Leeds City Council publications on request

The Communities Team at Leeds City Council will be responsible for servicing the Strategy Group, producing papers and ensuring that information is accessible.

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