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Resource of the Week: New to Leeds 3.0 is launched

New to Leeds is the definitive guide to life in Leeds for New Migrants.

We’ve updated and expanded it with a whole section for newly granted refugees – spelling out exactly what folks need to do to make a successful transition from seeking asylum to becoming a refugee. It combines all the info that has previously been shared on LMP around advice to new refugees. 

And like the previous 2 versions of 

  • it’s been designed for use on a smartphone,
  • it can be translated into 20 languages at the touch of a button.
  • each entry can easily be emailed or printed out as a (translated) PDF
  • Each entry is also dated, so you can see how long it has been since the page was checked.

All 1500+ links have been checked, (RETAS checked the advice and guidance) so you can be sure that the information here is correct. 

Massive thanks to everyone involved in this (and previous) updates. You can read more about how this site was put together here: About this Website – New to Leeds

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