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Resource of the week #80: Calling out hatred and prejudice – a communications planning guide

The good people at British Future have been hard at work again, giving organisations and guidance on how to establish common ground with people who aren’t that sympathetic to immigration. It’s a pacy read that builds on their research into how myth-busting can alienate the very people you try and win round. (As someone once […]

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A slightly edited version of Asylum Matters’ Newsletter: New Refugee Resettlement Pledge, NACCOM Move-on report etc

In our continued effort to generate a crease and desist notice from Asylum Matters for ripping off their content, LMP presents their last newsletter in (almost) its entirety. Anyway, please please please subscribe to this newsletter directly by emailing andre[email protected]  We promise to stop, once there’s a way to link to this info directly. Honest. […]

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Massive Briefing from Asylum Matters – Asylum Stats for Q1 2019, NHS Health Charging stuff, trafficking research and local info too

A huge post from Asylum Matters, only slightly redacted. Well worth it – local stuff at the bottom National updates Asylum Statistics: January to March 2019 Home Office Abandons Six-Month Target for Asylum Claims Access to Healthcare Resources from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Patients not Passports Toolkit *missing* ARC & Asylos Research: Albania: Trafficked […]

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Opinion/Research: No room at the inn: How easy is it for nomadic Gypsies and Travellers to access primary care?

Jon from LASSN writes “We all know the difficulties some migrant community members face when trying to access GPs and Primary Care. Depressingly, this is also the case for Gypsies and Travellers too (as well as people who are homeless or who are sex workers.) As the authors of this report state: “by putting the […]

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Resource of the week #65: Comparing online fundraising platforms

Now that BTMydonate is ceasing trading in June 2019, a number of organisations are weighing up their alternatives. There are any number of articles comparing the various offers but here are some of the better ones – one of the more recent roundups – in September 2018 – very well laid out and a good […]

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State of Hate 2019 – a resource on far right activities from Hope Note Hate

The State of Hate describes itself as “the most comprehensive guide to what the far right have been up to, and what we should expect them to do in the year ahead” Leeds has the dubious honour of getting 12 mentions in this year’s document, in relation to Stephen Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) Some convictions […]

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