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Update from Home Office re: Covid and Accommodation 22nd October 2020

Update from weekly call between Y&H Strategic Migration Partnership and the Home Office on 22nd October:

  • Despite the new tiered Covid restrictions, all cessations will continue to go ahead as planned (for now). Service users can appeal this or sign up to voluntary returns. Home Office have paused activity on Tier 3 areas temporarily until further ministerial instruction is received.
  • Human Applications (HA) are undertaking an audit of COVID compliance in context of asylum accommodation. Ellie Sheppard at British Red Cross’ Ellie Sheppard is the key contact for VCS and all enquires need to go through her.
  • HC1 forms will be provided in dispersal accommodation. Service Users in temporary dispersal accommodation (i.e. hotels) will need to apply for HC2 certificates independently with support from NHS online or by phone.
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