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Staff Vaccination for Third sector partners

The following information has been shared via the Communities of Interest Network


As you will be aware, the national COVID-19 vaccination programme began before Christmas.  Forum Central is been working with partners including our local NHS, Leeds City Council and VAL to ensure that eligible frontline Third Sector health and community social care workers and volunteers can access the vaccination due to the critically important work they are doing within the community. We have been in touch with a large number of Third Sector organisations already, but are keen to ensure that all eligible organisations are aware of this opportunity.

What you need to do:

1.    Please read the ‘Staff Vaccination Prioritisation Guide for Managers’ attached plus link here:

2.    If your workers fall into Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3 please contact [email protected] with details of the work you are delivering. We can then advise and if the work you do is covered we will send further details of how to access the vaccinations for staff in the organisation. Prioritisation is starting with the most at risk staff members first, ie groups 1 and 2 now . It is expected that Group 3 slots will be  available in February.

This process is built on trust and good faith. There are significant sensitivities around which workers are eligible as defined by central government, so it is important that we are mindful that frontline third sector health and care workers are accessing vaccines ahead of other key workers.

There are no walk-in vaccination appointments being offered. Staff must have a booked appointment for vaccination.

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