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Minor amendments to the LMP Blog (the Menus in particular)

We’ve used the Bank Holiday weekend to have a bit of a clear-out.

What’s changed?

The menus at the top of the blog have been simplified so it’s easier to find out what LMP are doing, who’s doing what and how to influence things.

Who are we?
  • We’ve put all the info relating to the different aspects of LMP and our terms of reference into downloadable documents
What do we do?
  • We’ve put the plan on a page and our draft priorities 
Get involved
  • “Start influencing” – we’ve put contact details on the blog for the folks who are leading on the different priority areas. 
  • We’ve moved the link to “upload things to the blog” here 
When and where do we meet
  • Updated

We hope you like these changes. And if you don’t, please let us know by emailing [email protected] 

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