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Briefing from Amy at Migrants Law Project – for more info contact [email protected]

The Migrants’ Law Project (MLP), the MLP is a legal and public legal education project which works to improve the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable migrants through public law. We aim to use our expertise in public law to train and advise NGOs serving this community to enable them to advocate more effectively, equipping them with the legal tools, knowledge and skills to negotiate more successfully with government agencies. Where negotiation fails, as a last resort, the MLP will move to litigation on their behalf, to challenge unjust government policies that have a negative impact on asylum seekers’ and migrants’ rights, quality of life, and ability to integrate into the UK.

The MLP has provided very well received training on topics such as public law and asylum support and we have seen how helpful it can be for smaller organisations supporting refugees to receive training on these issues. We are hoping to extend the reach and range of training we provide in a bid to further assist smaller organisations, particularly in areas of high dispersal where there may be limited legal advice available. Our hope is that the training and support we provide will better enable organisations to meet some urgent needs in the areas and highlight situations when the law might be used, as appropriate. We hope the work will also inform the strategic litigation that MLP undertakes and enable us to work collaboratively with organisations in relation to issues of potential litigation.

There are training notes and factsheets on our website (I have included the links below), which we will be developing over the next six months. This includes new materials on issues we have identified as an organisation, but we are very open to receiving suggestions from a range of groups on issues where they perceived a training need. In addition, we want to start providing workshops, webinars, etc., in person and online both on the topics we have trained on before, such as public law in the context of immigration and asylum law, the basics of immigration and asylum law, or immigration detention, as well as working with organisations to understand training needs, and develop and deliver training as appropriate. If there are any issues that you and the refugee and migrant communities you work with are confronting, which you think we might be able to helpfully provide training on, please do let me know. We are very keen to work collaboratively and to establish how we can best support you in your work with refugees and migrants, through the provision of training or otherwise. I would be very happy to speak on the phone if you think it would be helpful. Alternatively, if you have any meetings upcoming for groups that work with refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in your area, please do let me know and, if you think it would be helpful and I am available, I would be happy to attend the meeting to meet with you and your colleagues.

Links to our current training resources, covering issues such as asylum law, pro formas, and factsheets on, for example, the basics of administrative review, together with legal briefings and pro formas.

We also have a mailing list, which we use to inform people of legal developments and to provide an occasional newsletter. Please do let me know if you would agree to be added to our mailing list.


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