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Mapping migrant youth services in Yorkshire and Humberside

A new University of Sheffield research project called MIMY is focusing on the empowerment and integration of migrant youth within Yorkshire and Humberside. The project team is mapping services across the region that are directly or indirectly reaching young migrants from outside the EU, aged 15-29.

We would love to hear about the youth-oriented services you are involved in, or aware of, in Leeds and/or the wider region, to be included in this mapping. Please contact Thea Shahrokh at the University of Sheffield by 21st September with any information ([email protected]).

This mapping will show the diversity of and gaps in services for this group of young people and will generate knowledge on their role within integration. It will also facilitate engagement with different stakeholders, including young people, to support their involvement in the project. We look forward to being in touch with more information as the project develops.

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