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LMP Operations group meeting: 10-12pm, 17th September 2018

The next Leeds Migration Partnership Operations Group Meeting is happening on Monday 17th September, 10-12 at One Community Centre

There aren’t any notes from the last LMP Ops meeting in Refugee Week, because that was a networking event,

  • There will also be an update on who now does what within the Council
  • And the usual chance to share info with colleagues   
  • you’ll also get feedback from the most recent LMP Strategy Meeting and updates on our strategic objectives on Safety, Housing and Health.   
  • We’ll also be asking if you’ve any feedback on the issue of Whatsapp and GDPR, and if you have a preferred alternative? 

If you are receiving this but are unsure what the LMP Operations Group is all about then click here for further info

All the best, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there

Ali and Daniel, LMP Operations Group

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