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Hreash House: Free Film Screening and Feast at Armley Mills Cinema, May 12th

Leeds Arts Gallery are showing artist films from their collection for free at Armley Mills mini 1920s cinema.

While Leeds Art Gallery is closed to the public we will be hosting the rarely seen film collection at Armley Mills cinema, along with artist-led workshops designed to get everyone making and talking… and there’ll be tea and cake of course!

Our 2nd film of the programme is the 2004 film Hreash House by Palestian/Irish artist Rosalind Nashashibi in which the film maker shows an extended Palestinian family living a collective existence in a concrete block in Nazareth. It involves a feast and its aftermath during Ramadan and shows one family as an entire community, casting a light upon different notions of family within our cultures.

Meet new people, maybe bring along a friend, explore new films and new ways of making in the surroundings of Armley Mills and its cinema, as well as working with friendly staff and artists. Everyone is welcome.

After the screening there’ll be a workshop where everyone can help cook up a feast to share while discussing the film and any thoughts, issues or memories it might have raised.

Places are limited so registration is through Eventbrite: 

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