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Health on the margins – Conference 27th June 2017

When: 10:00 – 15:50 

Where: Thackray Medical Museum, 141 Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7LN

Cost £135+VAT

This conference aims to connect people working with communities or individuals who are marginalised or excluded, and to draw out common good practice. The sessions will focus upon health and wellbeing in the widest sense, and will highlight the value of collaborative working between a wide range of services to achieve the best outcomes.

Groups which exist on the edges of society are deemed ‘marginalised’ whether through poverty, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, migration status, addiction, victimisation, social class or a rural location.

Traditional approaches to working with marginalised people have focused on a deficit model.  The deficit is seen to be within the marginalised person or community, resulting in their inability to make good use of state-provided services. The state is seen as inheriting a duty to provide ‘extra’ support to meet the needs of people who do not have the capacity to solve their own problems.

This event provides an opportunity for professionals across health and other sectors to look at marginalisation through a positive and aspirational lens:

  • What are those living at the margins already doing to address their problems?
  • How can professionals avoid hindering self-help efforts?
  • How can individual and public assets and capacity be directed to people on the margins while avoiding patronising and colonising people’s vulnerability?
  • Above all, what can we learn from each other’s practice?

The conference will look at innovations in health, social care and wellbeing services which work with a range of marginalised people, and consider how these involve the service users and how they join up with other services such as housing, education, environmental health, community safety and criminal justice.

We will also examine the power of ‘buzzwords’, how they can support our work, and the ways in which they become tired and meaningless.  We believe there are ‘assets’ among people living with extreme exclusion that can, if recognised, help us to ensure that our work is authentic and effective for the people we want to support.

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