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Free online Language Coaching from British Red Cross/ Chatterbox

via British Red Cross

“Funded by the European Union, the AVAIL project is running various integration and advocacy initiatives in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Latvia. In the UK, this includes a collaboration between the British Red Cross and Chatterbox Languages.

Through recognising the untapped talent and skills within the refugee community, this initiative aims to connect refugee language coaches and language learners across the UK, in order to test and evaluate new models of language learning, and measure the integration experience for coaches and students. We are particularly keen to offer frontline staff in public services the opportunity to learn refugee languages – e.g. police, GP receptionists, school receptionists etc.

ALREADY LEARNING A LANGUAGE? Receive 5 hours of free online conversation (intermediate or advanced level), choosing from: Arabic, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Korean, Persian, Turkish, Swahili, Hindi, Urdu and Somali.

WANT TO START LEARNING A LANGUAGE FROM SCRATCH? Receive 5 hours of free online coaching to learn Arabic or Spanish.

Please visit to find out more, view the eligibility criteria and apply.”

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