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COVID-19 Key Messages (Leeds) – please share widely

COVID-19 Key Messages:

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of changes to government guidance. Leeds City Council have developed 6 key messages using government guidance to support communities in Leeds.

  • These have been produced into infographics in English and translated into community languages available here:
  • These new key messages infographics are currently being printed into A5 posters.
  • If you would like a batch of printed resources please let me know as soon as possible ([email protected]).
  • In addition these messages are also available for use on social media platforms (please see attached all translated messages).
  • From the 8th August further changes are being made to places were face coverings are required to be worn. Further information and guidance is available here

COVID-19 Information Videos:

In addition the following videos is available in English and interpreted and translated into community languages with a focus on:

  • Handwashing
  • Spot the signs of COVID 19
  • Key COVID-19 health messages (coming soon)
  • What happens at the local walk to testing centre
  • The NHS is here for you – GP services

All videos available here: or

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