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Conversation Club Leeds is full for the time being – May 2024

Important message from Dot Read, Chair of Conversation Club Leeds:

Please do not recommend new asylum seekers and refugees to come to CCL sessions at the moment. (Neither Mill Hill Chapel nor Holbeck Club).

The number of guests has been rising for a while, but on Thursday it was unprecedented.  So we’ve taken the difficult decision to stop new people from coming.

Not only is the number too high for the main venue (Mill Hill Chapel, until we change to Wheeler Hall permanently at the end of July), but also we can’t afford the fares from outlying hotels not covered by First Bus tickets.

We expect this restriction to be temporary. 

Those who have already started coming will still be welcome.

We are very sorry to have to do this, but the safety of our guests and volunteers is our priority.  We will let you know when we reverse this decision.


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