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CALL OUT! Experiences of poor legal advice – March 24

Migrants Organise, Refugee Action, NACCOM, HMSC have been planning a report looking at the barriers to accessing / providing good quality (immigration) legal aid representation – we’ve spoken to many of you about this already and received some really helpful feedback on the plan, so a big thanks for that.

The report will be based on interviews (of around 1 hour) with and case studies from 1/ LAA providers, 2/ people accessing legal aid, and 3/ groups referring to legal aid. We are really keen to do interviews with different members of this group, especially social care practitioners, so that structural issues you’re all coming across can be highlighted strongly in the report. If you would have around an hour for an interview before the end of April, please get in touch with Frances at Migrants Organise- [email protected] 

I’m attaching info flyers for practitioners + for people accessing advice (so please pass on to community groups who may be keen, or put us in touch), and Frances can send through further information to anyone interested.

Interviews and the final report will focus mainly on:

  • The prevalence of poor quality immigration legal aid representation in the communities we work in
  • What barriers exist to accessing/providing good quality legal aid representation in immigration, including experiences of the complaints process
  • The impact on individuals of bad vs good quality advice
  • What needs to change to ensure provider advice quality is maintained/improved in the future

We’re hoping the final report will provide useful evidence when advocating for improvements to the legal aid system, and also help to inform future actions / know your rights tools etc.

Hope to hear from some of you, and even if you won’t have time for an interview please do get in touch if there are ideas / reflections you want to contribute!

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