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The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migrant Health Group

A new Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migrant Health Group has been established and is chaired by Anna Hartley, Director of Public Health in Wakefield. The initial focus of the group will be on asylum seekers residing in hotels, the Covid-19 vaccine and GP registration.

The Leeds representatives for this group are as follows:

  • Public Health
    Gail Evans (Head of Public Health)
  • Jackie Moores (Advanced Health Improvement Specialist)
  • Clinical Commissioning Group
    Martin Earnshaw (Leeds Head of Commissioning – Vulnerable Groups)
  • Leeds Community Healthcare
    Liz Keat (Clinical Lead – Homeless and Health Inclusion and TB Team)
  • Bevan Healthcare
  • Mat Sidebottom (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
  • Migrant Help
    Marsela Hoxha (Head of Regional Services, Relationships and Partnerships)
  • Refugee Council
    Sarah Sonne
  • Rose McCarthy
    Kathryn Ashworth
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