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“The Translator” at The Hub – 23rd & 25th June

Think about a time you didn’t understand what was happening around you. Perhaps you didn’t understand the language, or why people were acting a certain way, or perhaps you were just in a meeting that was going way over your head.

The Translator is a dynamic, surprising and humorous examination of how we communicate and who is responsible for making sure we all understand each other.

Cap-a-Pie, renowned for creating innovative and unusual theatre, has been working with Dr Lou Harvey from University of Leeds. Lou’s research looks at the experience of international students and documents their struggles with making themselves understood and knowing what is going on around them in a new environment.

Together with students from University of Leeds The Translator has been created with Lou and Cap-a-Pie to share the experiences of migrants as they navigate a new culture and language as well as examining what communication means to all of us.

6 – 7:30pm, Friday 23rd June
5 – 6:30pm, Sunday 25th June
The HUB, 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck, LS11 9UA
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