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The Leeds Migration Map has been updated!

The Leeds Migration Map – displays the spread and diversity of new and existing communities in Leeds at a local level. It provides understanding of population changes and trends alongside wider contextual information to support the meeting of need for the diverse population of Leeds. Migration Map

It’s been available on the Leeds Observatory for some time and has already been used to:

  • build local knowledge
  • provide evidence for funding
  • build partnerships
  • influence strategy and change

Recently the Leeds Observatory has been developed, and the Leeds Migration Map re-vamped. It now includes 2017/18 data and the following highlights:

This presentation takes the user on a global journey on inward migration patterns in Leeds since 2002/03. It provides insight into global factors which affect population changes in Leeds, where migrants are coming from and where they settle in Leeds

The storymap is fully interactive.

An interactive map that allows users to explore data about recent and settled migrant communities, alongside other contextual layers and service provision in Leeds. The map will be updated annually.

Organises National Insurance Number Applications by Overseas Nationals and Census 2011 data by MSOA for users to extract and analyse independently.

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