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POLICY: Third Sector Infrastructure Support Survey

Leeds City Council’s Communities Team, supported by Voluntary Action Leeds, are undertaking a review of the support, information, training and advice the local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and groups of Leeds need.

The Third Sector in Leeds is large and very diverse. The support needs of organisations varies greatly, depending on size, stage of development or need at a particular point in time. In order to get a good understanding of the support requirements across the whole sector, we need as many groups and organisations as possible to complete the survey.

We cannot guarantee that every need will be met, but this information will be used to inform some of the council’s future investment in the sector wide support offer. It could also be helpful in securing other financial and in kind support for the sector.

Complete the survey here

The survey must be completed online by 11.45am on 21 January 2019.

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