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LMP BLOG Update: Find things more easily

The blog

You’ll notice we’ve made a couple of minor changes to the way the Blog looks. 

  • On the right hand side you’ll see that you can now “filter posts by category” – this should make it easier to find the kind of posts you are interested in. So if you click on “ESOL” you’ll just see posts about ESOL, if you click on “Destitution” you’ll just see posts relating to destitution.
  • We’ve got rid of the infographics (which were pretty but no-one looked at) 
  • Eventually we’re going to change the menu bar at the top, because it’s not working. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who ask “when and where does the LMP meet?” 

The weekly email digests

  • We really want to arrange the emails by category, too – but this is turning out to be a much harder job than you’d think. And life’s too short. So the SHOUTY HEADERS at the start of posts will remain, until folks start complaining 
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