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City of Sanctuary Summer Newsletter 2014

City of Sanctuary Summer Newsletter 2014 As have been kind enough to this little blog, it seems only right and proper to return the favour. There are some excellent links in here, and it’s well worth subscribing to… In fact – have you promised your support for CoS yet?

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Mapping Advice & Advocacy Needs in Leeds

A Message from Rachael Loftus: We need to build a picture of the unmet Advice and Advocacy needs of vulnerable migrants in Leeds Our recent State of The City report described significant cuts and reductions in the services offered to vulnerable migrants in Leeds. At our last Migration Partnership meeting in May, we agreed we needed to […]

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Asylum Stats for Quarter 1, 2014

These have just landed, via the good people at Amnesty Applications:  In Q1, there were 5,849 asylum applications, compared with 5,964 in Q4 Decisions: There were 2,846 initial decisions in Q1, of which 32% were grants of asylum (908) and 1% were grants of HP/DL (37). This compares with 3,070 initial decisions in Q4 of […]

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Message from Northern Refugee Centre

This come through from Collette at NRC yesterday “The Northern Refugee Centre (NRC) is coordinating a survey on behalf of service providers in the Y&H region.  The aim of this survey is to monitor the transfer of service to the new provider in order to understand whether or not this transfer has impacted on other […]

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AsylumHelp: Info Session at LRF on 16th April

MigrantHelp are running an info session for  people seeking asylum  – at any stage of their claim – to tell them about what they can offer – in particular their AsylumHelp telephone helpline service. It’s happening on Wednesday 16th April 2014 at 10 am – 12 noon at Leeds Refugee Forum,One Community Centre, Cromwell Street, Leeds, […]

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