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Job: Finance & Monitoring Officer at PAFRAS: 18.5 hrs/wk, £19-21k pro rata

PAFRAS is recruiting a Finance and Monitoring Officer to be responsible for the day to day operation of PAFRAS’ financial accounting systems. This will include producing management accounts and other budget and monitoring reports for the Operations Manager. The post holder will also be responsible for producing performance monitoring data using our in-house database and […]

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Q4 2015 Asylum Stats, via Still human, still here

Applications: In Q4, there were 10,100 asylum applications, compared with 10,156 in Q3 Decisions: There were 6,901 initial decisions in Q4, of which 35% were grants of asylum (2,381) and 1% were grants of HP/DL (78). This compares with 6,755 initial decisions in Q3, of which 36% were grants of asylum (2,450) and 1% were […]

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The challenges facing trustees of small charities

via Tiny or gigantic-the duties of charity  trustees are the same. However, there are particular challenges facing the trustees of small charities. A recent seminar considered this matter and you can read the report at The report highlights the following tips: Color code the accounts Clear communication between trustees in the way they […]

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Advonet: Bilingual Advocacy

Bilingual Advocacy is delivered through surgeries situated at different venues around Leeds. At present we have successfully established six surgeries and we are in the process of setting up additional ones, focussing on increasing the range of languages. Currently we are able to provide support for clients speaking  Arabic, Cantonese, Czech, Farsi, Lithuanian Mandarin, Mirpuri, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, […]

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Job: Work with Leeds for Change

  Leeds for Change is seeking a self-employed contractor to work with us over the next year to develop the project to its full potential. The role focusses on supporting existing Leeds for Change members to fully use the website, provide administrative and governance support to the steering committee and to carry out outreach activities […]

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Timetable of activities provided by Migrant Community Network members – Feb 2016

Leeds City Council’s Migrant Access Project has trained scores of people from the various migrant communities of Leeds to understand how community, health, education, and social services work in Leeds, in order to help others to better understand life in Leeds, and to access services more effectively. These volunteers are known as Migrant Community Networkers (MCNs). […]

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