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Nationality and Borders Information/Rwanda Update – Info from LMP Meeting on 26th May 2022

At the Leeds Migration Partnership strategy group meeting on the 26th May 2022, Seb Kleir from Refugee Council shared a presentation about the Nationality and Borders Act 

Seb did add the following update following the meeting:

  • On people who may be removed to Rwanda
    1. As per the inadmissibility guidance ( this only applies to people who have made an asylum claim on 1 January 2022 or afterwards.
    2. The guidance also states that priority will be given to those who arrived in the UK after 9th May 2022 (as this is the date that the new guidance was published).
  • On whether it will be families/children/single people:
    1. The guidance states that unaccompanied children and those who are age disputed and are being temporarily treated as children will not be subject to the inadmissibility process.
    2. In addition, officials have informed us that there will a screening process in place and that victims of trafficking who are identified as such and referred to the NRM would not be removed whilst they are going through the NRM process.
    3. Whilst families could be sent to Rwanda as a family unit, we have been assured that family members will not be separated. We are seeking further clarification about what this means in practice as there is little detail in the guidance on this.

If you have any queries Seb is happy to be contacted by email: [email protected]

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