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LMP Zoom Catch Up Tuesday 27th July 2021 12:30-13:45

So much has happened since we last met in June – with Hilary Benn answering questions from LMP Members.

This time, we hope we’ll be joined by reps from Asylum Help, Mears Housing and Migration Yorkshire – so they’ll be on first.

In addition, we anticipate members will want talk about

  • The end of Lockdown, and what this means for groups and orgs delivering face to face
  • The Government’s New Plan for Immigration and updates from those campaigning to change it
  • What’s happening with Hotel use in Leeds?
  • What’s happening with the Leeds Hardship Fund? – will it be opening before Winter 2021 or not?
  • The local Joint Strategic Assessment  – the official list of local evidence, which is used as the basis for Health and Social Care strategy – is being compiled. At present  – from what we’ve seen – migrants, refugees or the particular experiences of racialised or minoritised communities are not addressed specifically – although poverty, deprivation, and locality are. LMP have been asked “What could be done to make JSA data and findings more usable for the Third Sector?” Come and share your thoughts!

but, to be honest, what makes these meetings interesting is the way they reflect the conerns of the people who show up.

Please note the Zoom link 

Code: 12345 (If prompted)
Meeting ID (If prompted) 784 529 8047

Thanks everyone, and see you there, we hope
Ali, Karen, Jon and Daniel from LMP

This is a meeting of the LMP Operations Group, the fortnightly lunchtime session, where

  • anyone can turn up,
  • we have a general chat about what’s up in Leeds
  • share new stuff
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