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LMP Zoom Catch-Up/End of year thing 12:30-13:30 Tuesday 30th November 2021

Seasons greeetings everyone. Yes, it’s a bit early – but this LMP Catch-up will be the last one of the year, and the last one for a while.

Following the departure of Daniel from PATH Yorkshire (who helped organise the LMP Strategy Group) and the limited response from partners to create a new LMP Strategy (we didn’t get sufficient responses from attendees to turn into a “strategy”) , the remaining organisers of the LMP meetings (Karen, Ali, and Jon) are taking a few months off from meetings, to think about how we can best share information, and support you to influence things in Leeds.

LMP will definitely come up with dates for new meetings in the New Year, and these will definitely be at least quarterly, but right now – we’re all a bit stretched – and could use the thinking time. Also, if anyone wants to find out what’s involved in helping plan and organise meetings, please contact Karen, Ali or Jon and we’ll let you know.

Anyway – we hope to see you at our final meeting of the year. Please bring a minced pie, or glass of warm milk, or something else to celebrate with.  And as usual, the topics of chat will be set by those who turn up.

Please note the Zoom link

Meeting ID (If prompted) 4441508509

Thanks everyone, and see you there, we hope
Ali, Karen, and Jon from LMP

This is a meeting of the LMP Operations Group, the fortnightly lunchtime session, where

  • anyone can turn up,
  • we have a general chat about what’s up in Leeds
  • share new stuff
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