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Home Office Update 10th June 2021

SMP / HO weekly meeting – 10 June 2021

  •  Anthony Hernandez from the Payments Team updated on ASPEN matters. The majority now have activated working cards and they’re working through queries with queries coming in from Migrant Help and via their escalations inbox. They’ve taken action to ensure that everyone who doesn’t yet have an active card has an ECP (Emergency Cash Payment) and that there’s a process in place to get an active card to them. Prioritising cases where there’s a safeguarding element. He admits to it being really challenging.
  •  Mick Martin reported on intake. There has been a huge spike on intake over the last 10 – 15 days. This has placed a significant pressure on the asylum estate and has greatly reduced the spare capacity available. It’s almost all coming in via small boats but there have been no Covid-19 related issues. This has had an impact on Operation Oak and the ability to close down hotels and it’s expected to continue to do so on the short to mid-term. Mick said that, if it does mean that they’re having to stand up any hotels then they will alert SMP partners.*

*Editorial note 25th June 2021 – It’s our understanding that another is due to open in Leeds w/c 28th June 2021 but we have yet to be informed officially. For more info, please contact Mears, LCC, or Migration Yorkshire (the SMP)


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