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Chapel FM: Wall in the Mind

Chapel FM are very excited to welcome Sound Company Choir for a script-in-hand production with songs.

Wall in the Mind presents stories of real people whose lives have been disrupted by barriers, fences and walls. In a world of fake news, their stories remain true.

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Why do we build the wall?

We build the wall to keep us free

That’s why we build the wall

We build the wall to keep us free

– From the song Why We Build the Wall – Anais Mitchell

“What does it do to you when a five metre high concrete ‘Peace Wall’ is built across your street or back yard or fields? A wall that cuts you off from people who were once neighbours, now designated ‘enemies’?

Sound Company Choir …. is a 7 member, Leeds-based choir that performs drama-based work with acapella songs. We are perhaps best described as a group of professional and enthusiastic amateur performers and the make up for the current production, Wall in the Mind, is 3 female and 4 male voices. The original choir was established in 2013 and the group’s first two ventures were entitled Friendly Fire in 2014, which we performed at Chapel FM, and Stepping out of Line in 2016. The first was an edited version of an extant play set in the first world war and which looked at the story of a young volunteer soldier shot for cowardice. The second was a group-devised piece that took as its theme walking and marching as a means of protest throughout British history.

The songs we sing are always carefully researched and chosen to reflect on or amplify the content of the drama chosen. Wall in the Mind is an original piece researched and written by one of the members, and looks at the effects of walls and barriers on divided communities around the world.”

Running Time 60 minutes.

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