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Updates: Home Office Strategic Migration Call 25th March 2021

Please see below the key points from this week’s meeting.

  • Sovereign Borders Bill – Home Office (HO) are still working through plans for asylum reception centres and will update more after the consultation takes place.
  • Negative cessations – Home Office working with policy colleagues about how to include negative cessations data in the data share in response to Strategic Migration Partnership (LMP)/ Local Authority (LA) requests for more data.
  • General Practitioner (GP) registrations – Home Office liaising with Public Health around GP registration and vaccine rollout. Home Office taking 2 approaches – asking providers to support service users to register with GPs and liaising with NHS over data sharing. A letter has been drafted in top 10 languages and will go out to service users. Home Office are implementing some contract changes to the AIRE move-on duties and to AASC contract, requiring more signposting and support to general asylum seekers in the estate beyond the induction period.
  • Inital Accommodation moves – in response to cases of service users being moved between IAs without notice, Home Office aim is to always inform SUs of moves, however recent legal challenges meant some were moved quickly to comply with court orders.
  • Contingency accommodation/hotels- Home Office aim to undertake a lessons learned review with SMPs in April looking at the use of hotels and contingency accommodation.
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