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Resources: Access to University for refugees and asylum seekers from STAR, Refugee Council via Migration Yorkshire

We try not to repeat content too much on the LMP blog – but many of you may not have seen (or even remember) our previous Resource of the Week #37 #Alevels Special where we talked about Student Action for Refugees List of Scholarships.

So when we saw a recent email from Liz Maddocks at Migration Yorkshire sharing resources from a national conference of Student Action for Refugees (STAR) and the National Union of Students (NUS) to raise awareness of scholarships to increase access to Higher Education for Refugees and Asylum Seeker it made sense to share them again. 

Please see here details of all current participating universities:

  1. STAR’s list of scholarships can be found here.
  2. Links to useful resources and organisations mentioned at the conference can be found here on the STAR website.
  3. STAR has an Equal Access mailing list which we use to advertise scholarships, access course and training to potential applicants to people seeking refugee protection. Subscribe here if you would like to receive these emails or share the link with anyone who might be interested in those opportunities. 

In addition to this, please don’t forget the Transition Guide’s section on Adult Education 

Super helpful resources, and always helpful when folks share what they know. Thanks everyone

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