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Refugee Week Day 3: Wednesday 17th June 2020 – Home from Home – A discussion of the Channel 4 Comedy series

What activity are you planning? – Home from Home – Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network invite you to an online discussion of the Channel 4 comedy series Home – about Sami, a Syrian refugee living with an English household

Why should people come along/take part? –  It’s a great series – and well worth your time. The event will kick off with a panel discussion of Episode 2 – exploring what it’s like to be a refugee in Leeds, and what it’s like to host a refugee in your house (as well as how it compares to the version on TV.)  Then you’ll have the chance to ask questions or tell us what you think of it. Did you know LASSN helped folks seeking refuge to spend more than 6000 nights with hosts last year? We’d love you to join us. And if twitter is to be believed, we may even be joined by the writer/ star of the show, Rufus Jones

When will it happen? Wednesday 17th June, 19:00 – 20:00 (If prompted, Meeting ID 856 3141 8416 & Password: 3hOOE4wV0U5UE80YlVldmF5NzFUdz09).

There’s a test run for people who’ve not used Zoom before at 18:00) Here are some instructions. 

Who do you want to come along? Everyone is invited. Refugees, supporters, and allies. People who like their comedy to be topical, thoughtful, and like listening to other people’s opinions.

Will people need to prepare anything in advance to take part?  It will help if you’ve watched a couple of episodes of Home. You can watch it online for free here. It will also help if you’ve used Zoom before, so please come to the Zoom test run at 18:00 to make sure your camera and microphones are working.    

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