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Migrant Information Hub from Migration Yorkshire

The Migrant Information Hub aims to offer useful information and resources to help migrants, and those supporting them, to stay safe, connected and informed, and to reduce the harmful impacts of coronavirus on our region and on people’s lives.

The Hub is made and managed by Migration Yorkshire. We work with national government, local government, and others to ensure that Yorkshire and Humber can deal with, and benefit from, migration. 

The hub is organised into these main sections;

  • National Guidance: information on current guidance from all government departments, and the World Health Organisation. Health information about coronavirus and staying safe in different languages.

  • News and updates: news about coronavirus specifically relevant to migrants and about new tools and resources available.

  • Local services and support

  • Specific migrant issues: Information and tools for people with different experiences of migration, such as asylum seekers, refugees, EU migrants …

  • Multilingual resources: resources on various topics in community languages.

  • How to help migrants (coming soon) information and tools to help organisations, professionals, and neighbours supporting migrants through the disruption, impact and challenges of coronavirus.

  • Migrant sector support (coming soon) tools to help professionals and organisations across the sector to adapt, and stay resilient, and understand and respond to emerging needs.

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