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Introducing Leeds Anti Raids Action!


Just dropping a line to introduce ourselves. We’re a community group fighting back against immigration raids in our beautiful city of Leeds.

We are part of an alliance of groups and individuals united by the belief that we must oppose the hostile environment and resist immigration raids.

How do we resist immigration raids?

We believe in using a diverse range of tactics to allow as many people as possible to get involved in resistance including:

  • Educating people on how to spot an immigration raid and knowing your rights both as a bystander and a victim of ICE.
  • Direct action against raids taking place e.g. to challenge raid squads and prevent them from taking place
  • Supporting and fostering community resistance against ICE through community outreach.
  • Educating the wider community on the impact of the hostile environment and how to resist it

We will be holding a meeting in January/February to get other people involved in our outreach work so watch this space!

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too so please like, follow etc!!


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