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Home Office Refugee Guides – slight return

We’ve previously mentioned the Home Office Welcome Guides, and told you that although they were an excellent idea, they were full of dodgy/broken weblinks.

The Good news is that the Home Office have updated them two days ago (26th August). The bad news is none of the mistakes we reported have been corrected, and we’ve found some more.  

As you’d expect, we’ve fed back again, and given page references: they’ve assured us these have been flagged and will be addressed in v3

A thing we didn’t spot first time round was the repeated mixing up of sex and gender, especially with regard to equalities legislation. for example

“It is illegal to treat people in a bad or different way because of where they come from, their gender, sexuality, religion, political views, age, disability or other characteristics” which is not actually true

Race and sex are protected characteristics, as is gender reassignment (and pregnancy for that matter)

Gender and political views are not

Later on, they talk about same-gender marriage when they mean same-sex marriage. 

Anyway – we’ve let them know, and we’ll see what happens. 


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