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Weekly Home Office Update – cessations ceased until 21st June 2021

Call between SMP and Home Office on 27th May 2021

  • Negative cessations – Home Office have reached as settlement regarding the court case. The claimants have agreed to withdraw the JR against cessations, Home Office have agreed to pause cessations activity until 21st June. Home Office to revise their policy before setting a date to begin reviewing cases. Home Office are committed to informing stakeholders in advance of starting any reviews.
  • Asylum accommodation and intake – Intake has been quiet this last week but Home Office expect a busier weekend. Home Office will keep some hotels open over the summer to help respond to any increases in arrivals. Currently, work is underway to fast-track family moves out of hotels.
  • ASPEN – Home Office have circulated a FAQ document regarding the ASPEN transition. Home Office maintain that any SU should be able to access an Emergency Cash Payment via the providers (Migrant Help or AASC provider). Home Office ask LAs to get in contact and share any specific cases where this has not happened and they will look into the issues.
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