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Your posts should be 

  • Simple, and short, and about 150 words, max
  • Directly connected to issues around asylum, refugees and migration in Leeds
  • One off – we won’t repeat content
  • If it’s a job advertisement, please use the guidance
  • If it’s for an event, please use the guidance 

Generally, we won’t include

  • Party political campaigns or events,
  • Fundraising appeals, or
  • Links to profit-making businesses or activities.   

Please note, your content may be edited by the editorial team, and their decision on what is/is not included on the blog is final. And just because we post it, doesn’t mean we endorse or recommend it.  

When you press submit, please wait until all the info has uploaded. It can sometimes take a minute or two, depending on the size of your attachments.  

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