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Update on Home Office cessations (Asylum Accommodation) – 16th October 2020

  •  On negative cessations, we’ve been informed that if there is a safe route of return and there are no appeal rights outstanding then it is the Home Office’s view that they will consider ceasing support.  It is understood that further direction from ministers is expected.  You may have seen that this matter was in the press last weekend, so we expect further developments and we’ll update just as soon as we are able.
  • Positive cessations will continue unless there is restrictions to moving house.
  • Home Office are now confirming that cessations will continue for Service Users in hotels in dispersal areas, but not non-dispersal areas as per Ministerial direction.
  • Home Office have been made aware of issues where Service Users have been dispersed to Dispersed Accomodation without receiving any full induction whether at Inital Accommodation (ie Urban House) , hotels or in Dispersed Accommodation. Home Office are interested in receiving case studies where this has happened. These can be raised these through the issues log in Yorkshire and Humber.
  • In response to possibility of families with children being in hotels/Inital Accommodationwithout access to education, Home Office is fast tracking families into Dispersed Accomodation. They are committed to bring stays in line with the EC Directive’s 3 month timescale for access to education. Home Office will seek to undertake a piece of work with Local Authorities to ensure that Local Authorities are aware of children who are out of school.
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