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Update from Home Office on cessations and removals – 19th November 2020

Home Office/Strategic Migration Partnership weekly call 19.11.2020

  • Cessations – HO generally not reinstating positive cases due to there being no restrictions to house moves. Home Office continue to reinstate negative cases where notified.
  • Removals – Some Immigration Enforcement activity is taking place at hotels due to issues with dispersal/procurement, availability of flights etc. and this will increase  as legal challenges result in the suspension of reporting conditions during lockdown. IE working with providers and hotels to minimise disruption to other SUs. Any concerns/issues over individual cases can be fed back to Home Office.
  • COVID – HO working with PHE to improve responses to COVID outbreaks in hotels. At the moment providers and Home Office are taking a local approach to responding to SU outbreaks. Home Office are considering access to rapid testing for SUs in hotels where there is an outbreak.
  • COVID Compliance – Home Office working through the findings from draft report from Human Applications and will share with LAs soon.
  • Refugee Transition Outcome Fund – £10m funding is available to deliver a programme to improve outcomes for new refugees focussed on employment, housing and integration in several pilot high asylum dispersal areas. Home Office have sent out an Expressions of Interest request and want LAs to submit their expressions by 14 December. Home Office will decide on target pilot areas for project and open a bidding process for organisations hoping to deliver services in the new year.
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