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Universal Credit: Escalation Route

via JobCentrePlus

Universal Credit full service will roll out for new claims on the 10th of October.

Here is an escalation Route-way for any issues you had not been able to resolve for your customer.

Please note that the office you will need to contact to resolve an issue for your individual customer will depend on their postcode.

Please make sure you follow the agreed process.  If you have a customer query the following process will need to be followed:

  • With the customer present, you can access the customer journal.  This should resolve any queries by giving you access with the customers explicit consent.  If this does not resolve the query:
  • Contact the Service centre,(for Leeds this is Stockport) using the customers own phone number where possible as this will route the call direct to their Service centre coach who owns the case.  If not using the customers phone to call in then the call will be routed to Stockport from the National helpline number, once the following have been taken from the customer: telephone number customer has registered with Universal Credit, post code, 1st line of customers address and customers date of birth.
  • If this does not resolve the query, then you will use the attached Route-way information to contact the customers Jobcentre.

If your query is for multiple customer issues, or system/service queries, then you would contact the Partnership manager for Leeds, again, this information is held in the attachments.

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