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Training: Complex Trauma Workshops: April and September dates available

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We continue to offer a series of 2 day experiential workshops in Leeds addressing different aspects of trauma recovery: 

  1. We are happy to announce a brand new course, Working with Children: Helping Children Cope with Trauma on 17 & 18 June. People have been requesting this course for the past two years. We invite any professionals who would like to learn how to support children exposed to violent events or other trauma that inflicted lasting emotional damage. Children don’t need to be direct victims to be affected by trauma; they simply can be witnesses of violence, life-threatening accidents, natural disasters or even terrorist events etc. We are going to share our experiences of working with children where we help them to learn how to accept and self-regulate difficult feelings that lead to impulsive and aggressive behaviours, increase concentration, manage physical discomfort and set up boundaries.
  2. On 13th and 14th May we will again be running our two-day workshop: Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma. The main focus will be on how to safely support integration of self as a whole by working with the “Inner Child” (the traumatised part metaphor) that has become “stuck” and is unable to develop and move on.There are three parts to this workshop:
  • We begin with building up safety and inner resources within the client which can be utilised if emotions such as panic and fear threaten to overtake them.
  • Next, we work with the ‘Inner critical voice’ & ‘Inner Child’ metaphors which are a feature of childhood trauma.
  • We will introduce Focusing-Oriented therapy combined with the trauma-recovery approach that will help us to support the recovery of childhood trauma.

This course is available to anyone who has attended any of our previous workshops, half-day, one-day or two-day. Otherwise, if you have not previously attended one of our workshops, there is another opportunity to join our Complex Trauma Work Stage 1 Workshop on 8/9 April 2017.

3. On 8/9th April we also would like to invite you to our very popular workshop on Working with Complex Trauma Stage 1 with focus on supporting adults (only a few places remain but you can also choose to join this workshop on 16/17th September 2017). We do recommend that you attend this two-day workshop as feedback from past participants has shown that this foundation weekend is very helpful for professionals to understand the effects of trauma on clients, to understand the effects on ourselves when working in such a difficult field and also to be equipped with a creative and safe therapeutic tool. It is important to attend this course before going on to Working with Complex Trauma Stage 2 and Working with Adults Survivors of Childhood Trauma.  This workshop is suitable for any beginning practitioners working with trauma as it focuses on the first phase of trauma recovery where we need to take into consideration body responses/symptoms, creating safety and establishing emotional stability. Moreover, this workshop is also suitable for experienced professionals as they can expand their set of tools by enhancing creative techniques and learning very much needed self-care techniques to prevent secondary trauma impact.

Please find all our CPD events listed here.

Standard rate: £120 (2 days)  if booked before 31st March 2017, thereafter £150;  
Two Discounted places available- £100
How to book:
Please contact us:      [email protected]
Leeds (address will be send with your booking confirmation)
CPD certificates will be issued

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