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The LMP Blog: publish local, reach global – and the mystery of Chicago

As you know, we take an inordinate amount of pride on the way LMP Blog has grown and developed over the last few years.

As part of our attempts to build a case for funding to improve/develop the site a bit more – we decided to look at the wider impact of LMP.

Using Google Analytics we found a pretty decent global reach over the last 12 months


But the real surprise came when we drilled down by city. Encouragingly, Leeds is far and away the place where this Blog is read the most, but beyond that, things start looking quite different than we might have expected.  


According to this data, the LMP Blog is five times more popular in Chicago than it is in Sheffield. And, unlike Sheffield, we’ve never once mentioned Chicago on the LMP blog before today. 

Obviously you can get far too lost in the minute detail if you start looking/thinking about this too much (“why do more people in Bangkok read this blog, than people in Wombwell?”). Nor do we think these numbers tell us anything meaningful. Anyway, we thought we’d share them all the same.

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